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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Sat Feb 20 01:21:57 EST 1993

> Can someone tell me what the rules (and traditions) are about posting
> job announcements on bionet.* and on newsgroups in general?  Does it
> violate the "no commercial business" policy of the Internet, or is that
> just Bitnet?

There are so many different networks these days with different
regulations that I can not possibly give a general rule for this.
Even the "no commercial business" policy on the Internet is a mere
shadow of its former self and regional branches of the Internet (such
as BARRNET, our local branch) have very liberal commercial usage
policies.  Then there are also all of the other nations around the
world that tie into Internet through gateways and all of their
policies ... sigh.

My position for the bionet groups is simple ... NSF funds my grant to
run our part of BIOSCI/bionet, so I abide by their wishes for the
newsgroups.  People are free to follow other regulations elsewhere.  I
include our regulations for bionet.jobs below.

> Assuming that such announcements are welcome, what would be the best
> newsgroups on which to place an announcement for a sabbatical-leave
> replacement position in molecular biology?

EMPLOYMENT/bionet.jobs is the best place.  Please follow the rules
below.  The e-mail address for the group is biojobs at net.bio.net on
this side of the Atlantic.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net


In order to prevent misunderstandings regarding the purpose of this
newsgroup, this is a regular biweekly automatic mailing regarding job
posting regulations formulated by the U.S. National Science
Foundation.  Readers outside of the U.S. should check with their local
network authorities to determine what rules apply to their usage.

EMPLOYMENT/bionet.jobs is to be used for the posting of job openings
in the biological sciences or professional level jobs that support the
work of biological scientists (such as for computer/systems
programming/support).  There are no restrictions on the content of the
postings if these jobs are in the non-profit sector.  Individuals
regardless of their place of employment may post their CVs/resumes to
this newsgroup or simply place a request for work if they are looking
for jobs in this area of endeavor.  Commercial companies can post jobs
intended for professional people in the areas just mentioned provided
that the postings are limited to the format described below.  Extended
commercial job/benefit descriptions and promotional material are not
allowed, nor may commercial firms post openings for non-professional
positions (if in doubt about the appropriateness of a posting, please
check with kristoff at net.bio.net *before* proceeding).

Commercial job posting format:

The posting should include 

		o job title
		o one or two line factual description of the position
		o an e-mail contact address for further information;
                  a regular surface mail address and contact telephone
                  number is also permissible.

To repeat, commercial job postings that do not comply with the above
format or that are for jobs in areas outside of the range described
above are not permissible in this newsgroup.  Your cooperation is
greatly appreciated.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net

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