Bionet.drosophila news: Updating your address via Gopher+

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Sat Feb 20 13:53:29 EST 1993

Drosophila biologists may now update their address information
as stored in the Flybase information service via Gopher+.
This is an experimental feature at the moment, but we hope to expand
this kind of interactive service via Internet Gopher+.   

To update your address this way, you will need to use one of the very new
Gopher+ client programs which support this new feature.  The only one
now available is the simple Unix curses client.  TurboGopher+ does not
yet support the multiple ASK option used in this stock order. 

You will need to use gopher to port 140 instead of the standard port 70
for the near future, to get gopher+ services at IUBio archive:
  gopher  140
Look into the folder Flybase/people/ for the item "Update-me". 

 |                                                                            |
 | First name:                                                                |
 | Last name:                                                                 |
 | Department:                                                                |
 | Institution:                                                               |
 | Street address:                                                            |
 | City:                                                                      |
 | State:                                                                     |
 | Zip code:                                                                  |
 | Country:                                                                   |
 | E-mail:                                                                    |
 | Phone:                                                                     |
 | FAX  :                                                                     |
 | * Use this to add or *                                                     |
 | * update your address*                                                     |
 |                                                                            |
 |  [Switch Fields - TAB]                [Cancel ^G] [Accept - Enter]         |
 |                                                                            |

Note -- you may want to search the lists of people addresses first thru gopher
to see what your current entry is.  The updated entry is stored in the
udpated-addresses.txt file.  

The Unix Gopher+ client is available via gopher or ftp to,
and locate gopher/Unix/gopher+1.2b2.tar.Z  

We plan to expand use of this kind of interactive feature via Gopher+, both
for Flybase and for other biocomputing services.

Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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