How does an innocent scientist learn that bionet exists?

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Sat Feb 20 12:23:45 EST 1993

masuda at (Michiaki Masuda) writes:

>   If we really need to familiarize people with BIOSCI, what about these?

>[1] Acknowledge the suggestions and information obtained from BIOSCI
>    as such in the paper. This might give an impression that BIOSCI somehow
>    helps a paper to come out.

good idea.  I try to do this with the different mail servers I use.  

>[2] (I'm not sure if it's technically possible or not, but) Post an 
>    abstract of a paper in an appropriate group on the net, and mention
>    it in the footnote of a printed paper. (E.g., "The abstract of this 
>    paper was posted on February 17, 1993 in bionet.virology of the BIOSCI.
>    Article I.D.: #####.who at") This might also give an impression 
>    that BIOSCI somehow is linked to a publication.

do Usenet/BIOSCI articles have an "accession number"?  Something that 
can be used for this type of referencing? Something that be used by
both the Usenet and list_served people.  I think this topic probably
belongs to another bionet group (bionet.journals.note?).

>[3] Make some eye-catching "BIOSCI" T-shirts and wear it in the lab,
>    at the meeting, and on the beach, of course...

Maybe we should start by sending T-shirt designs to Dave K. and he
will see what he gets, if there is something good, he can put it at
some FTP site (in GIF or some other format), and people can see if it
is good, and maybe a group of people can "contribute" for the making
of such a thing!

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