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Re: New Alchemy/Ocean Arks

Here's documentation from the founder himself, John Todd, that New
Alchemy is dead, but the spirit goes on living and WORKING towards a
sustainable future!


January 1 993

Dear Friends of New Alchemy

As you know, last summer the New Alchemy Institute officially closed
its doors. You may also know, however, that neither the vision nor the
work that began there have been lost. With the founding of Ocean Arks
International in 1983. there began a new phase in the research and
implementation of the ideas that first took form at New Alchemy.

Like New Alchemy, Ocean Arks was founded by John Todd and Nancy Jack
Todd and is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated
to the creation and dissemination of the thinking and the technologies
fundamental to a sustainable future. Drawing on what we learned of the
ecology of aquatic ecosystems at New Alchemy, we since have created a
family of living technologies that now are restoring waters polluted
by human and industrial wastes to drinking water standards.

Working through The Center for the Restoration of waters at Ocean
Arks, we have created one of the most advanced ecologically engineered
waste treatment systems in the world which, after a few years of
extensive verification, is now legally permitted in two states. We
have begun to restore a highly polluted pond in Massachusetts w ith
our new floating Living Machine, Lake Restorer 1, opening a channel
for its use on water bodies the world over. Our Providence, RI and
Marion, Me research facilities have been making ground-breaking
discoveries in purifying industrial and toxic wastes. We have
demonstrated, on a laboratory scale, that Living Machines can break
down such highly toxic wastes as those found in Chattanooga Creek, for
which we have attracted the attention of Vice President-elect Al Gore.
We have also received continuing support from Congressman Gerry Studds
and Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Joe Kennedy and
Claudine Schneider of Rhode Island, to name a few, giving us a strong
vote of encouragement with the political leaders in Washington. Our
education program is reaching professionals and students with courses
in ecological design skills, aquaculture, food production, waste
treatment and environmental repair. Recently, we were granted the
Discover Award for Technological Innovation and the Teddy Roosevelt
Conservation Award by President Bush.

We have managed not only to survive but to move ahead with these
developments during a period when the environment was a low priority
in the eyes of government and most industry. But we have done so at
the cost of incurring considerable debt believing that the ideas were
too important to let die. Now, with the renewed promise of the
incoming administration and because of your support for New Alchemy
over the years, we are again turning to you to ask you to remain a
part of keeping its mission alive.

If you were willing, each of you could help us in some way. It would
be wonderful if you would consider any of the following suggestions:

1. Contribute towards a debt reduction fund or to our general support.
2. Help us to create an endowment, which would secure a future for our
3. Help us find customers/clients in industry and in various
communities who need help cleaning up pollution and repairing
environments. Living Machines can upgrade drinking water reservoirs,
restore polluted water bodies and purify wastewaters.
4. Help spread the word. Subscribe to our publication, "Annals of Earth" an
updated equivalent of the old "Journals of the New Alchemists " .

1992 was a tough year for us. Salaries weren't always paid, yet our
morale remained high. We are a committed and talented organization -
dedicated to the Earth and to the training of its stewards. We are
ready with the skills and technologies to make things happen. It is
our hope that there will be a new environmental agenda over the next
decade and we want to play a key role in it. Please help us.


John Todd, president

P.S. Your contribution is tax deductible. We now accept MC/VISA and
American Express.

================================================== Annals of Earth

The exchange of ideas feeds the roots of new thought. To this end the
Center for the Restoration of Waters publishes "Annals of Earth" to
disseminate the ideas and practice of ecological sustainability
throughout the world. It seeks, through written communication, to
foster the emergence of a new global culture. Published 3 times
yearly, "Annals" has an international roster of scholarly,
philosophical and ecological writers who deal with planetary issues
from a wide range of perspectives. While "Annals" covers and
chronicles the Center's activities, it also publishes articles that
range in subject from the philosophy of ecology, basic biology, hands
on environmental projects, to the Gaia Hypothesis. Distributed
world-wide, "Annals" is an intellectual forum for the presentation of
leading edge environmental thought.

A Publication Of Ocean Arks International and the Lindisfarne
Association Volume X, Number 2, 1992

$? Contribution
$15 Student/unwaged member
$30 Individual member
$35 Canadian member
$ 40 Foreign member
$ 50 Family member
$100 Supporting member $1000 Patron member

Membership includes subscription to "Annals", course announcements and
contributes to the work of OAI. Please make checks payable to Ocean
Arks International. We now accept MC/VISA & American Express. To renew
by phone, please call 508-510-6801.

  A Publication of Ocean Arks International and The Lindisfarne


 * Origin: The Twilight Clone (1:109/70.914)

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