On the need for blind-accessible textbooks and journals in the life sciences

Matthew Weed weed-matthew at cs.yale.edu
Mon Feb 22 00:02:04 EST 1993

Just after Thanksgiving (US), I posted a note about the need for
blind-accessible textbooks and journals.
It has been very gratifying to me to see that some things (such as 
t_), are becomming available.
However, I received a number of requests for information on how 
various publishe
rs might get in touch with Recording For The Blind, which is an 
organization whi
ch has done much to make all sorts of texts available to the blind and 
y handicapped.
This work is very important, as it has made much knowledge 
available to the disabled.  Please,
if you are the author of aa text, or can use
the information in some other way to make more biology texts 
available, read the
 following quotation, which I have taken from a locally-available 
and get in touch with the people at RFB.
The following is quoted without permission from "RFB's E-text 
Program", which ha
s a local file creation date of Thursday August 6, 1992.
Recording for the Blind (RFB) has established an E-Text (electronic 
text) service. Books on floppy disk are now available to people with 
print disabilities. Using an adapted computer, students who have a 
learning disability, are orthopedically impaired, are blind, or have 
low vision can use E-text Books. Listed below are some titles 
currently available in our E-text format. For more information or a 
free E-kit with a complete list of E-text books, call RFB Customer 
Services at 800-221-4792 or 609452-0606. Institutions serving 
print disabled persons are now eligible to register and purchase E-
text books and tape recorders.
The list has been deleted for sake of space and relevancy.
As a blind student of the life sciences, I know well how important
increased availability of texts is.
Currently, we have to scan the texts on site, and this creates nasty 
delays, whi
ch would be alleviated by the availability of E-text format books.
If you have any questions, please contact me at the below electronic 
mail addres

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