DOE Human Genome Program Report available by Gopher

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Mon Feb 22 17:09:01 EST 1993

The DOE Human Genome Project Report is no available for reading
by gopher.  Point your gopher client at and
select the following directories:

 -->  4.  Genome Project/

   -->  1.  DOE Human Genome Program Report/

and you will see:

 -->  1.  Table of Contents.
      2.  Foreword and Preface.
      3.  Introduction.
      4.  Highlights of Research Progress.
      5.  Human Genome Center Research Narratives.
      6.  Program Management Infrastructure.
      7.  International Coordination.
      8.  Search Abstracts of DOE-Funded Genome Research <?>
      9.  Appendices.

The table of contents is as follows:

Foreword and Preface

     History of the Human Genome Project
     DOE-NIH Coordination
     Scientific Five-Year Goals of the U.S. Human Genome Project

Highlights of Research Progress
     Activities Addressing Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues Related to
          Human Genome Project Data
          Technology Transfer and Industrial Collaboration

Human Genome Center Research Narratives
     Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
     Los Alamos National Laboratory

Program Management Infrastructure
     DOE OHER Mission
     Program Management Task Group
     Field Coordination
          Human Genome Coordinating Committee
          Human Genome Management Information System
          Human Genome Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships
     Resource Allocation
     Interagency Coordination
          Joint DOE-NIH Activities
               Joint Mapping Working Group
               Joint Informatics Task Force
               Joint Sequencing Working Group
               Joint Working Group on Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
               Joint Working Group on the Mouse
     Other U.S. Genome Research
          U.S. Department of Agriculture
          National Science Foundation
          Howard Hughes Medical Institute

International Coordination
     HUGO: Worldwide Genome Research Coordination
     UNESCO: Promoting the Interests of Developing Countries

Search Abstracts of DOE-Funded Research

      You may search by Author Name, Address, or any word that appears 
      in the abstract.  You may narrow your search by using the boolean 
      operators (and. or, not) or by phrase searches (".....").  
      For example - if you want to see all the mouse work funded by the 
      DOE Genome project simply search for 


      But if you want to see only the mouse projects that have proposed 
      to use Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) search for:

      mouse and fish

      this will narrow the results dramatically.

     A. Primer on Molecular Genetics
     B. Conferences, Meetings, and Workshops Sponsored by DOE
     C. Members of the DOE Health and Environmental Research
          Advisory Committee
     D. Members of the DOE-NIH Joint Working Groups
     E. Glossary

     Index to Principal and Coinvestigators Listed in Abstracts
     Acronym List


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