Impending cancellation of Chromosome 22 group

Ken Fasman ken at
Tue Feb 23 10:19:14 EST 1993

	After following the recent debate on the fate of the Chromosome 22 
BIOSCI group, I would like to make the following observations:

	The Genome Data Base newsgroup/list (bionet.molbio.gdb) was created 
to provide a forum for dialogue among users of the database and GDB staff.
Although traffic in this group has been fairly sparse to date, we expect 
that it will be increasing shortly.  This is due to the impending release 
of GDB Version 5.0, and because of the recent addition of Dan Jacobson to 
the GDB staff.  Dan will be informally "moderating" the GDB group, posting 
user notices, release notes, notifications of major data sets added to the 
database, bug fixes, frequently asked questions, etc. on a regular basis.  
He will also serve as the primary interface between BIOSCI users and GDB 
User Support and Development staffs.  We have always hoped that the kinds of 
discussion that go on in bionet.molbio.genbank (both informational and 
critical) would take place in the GDB group also.

	Although GDB is very interested in supporting the exchange of 
information among members of the mapping community, adding general discussions 
of chromosome mapping to the specific discussions centered around GDB in this 
group will make it difficult for either task to be accomplished well.  Since 
we do not intend to formally moderate our group, this may happen of its own 
accord, and we will not make any attempt to censor such discussion.  However, 
we will encourage the general focus of the group to remain on GDB specifically.

	Speaking for myself only, I agree with those who have suggested that 
the Chromosome 22 group might simply be opened up to all human chromosome 
mappers, with a strong suggestion made to posters to please indicate the 
appropriate chromosome number(s) in their postings.  That way general mapping 
issues can be discussed in one forum, and issues specific to the Genome Data 
Base can be addressed in the other.

	We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues further with 
members of these groups.

Ken Fasman, Ph.D.
Deputy Director of Informatics
Genome Data Base
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2024 E. Monument St.
Baltimore MD  21205

ken at

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