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Cheung C. Yue ccy at po.CWRU.Edu
Tue Feb 23 17:01:24 EST 1993

In a previous article, kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) says:

>> I'm in the process of writing a paper on some work which benefitted
>> greatly from Bionet.  Do you have a preferred phrase of acknowledgement ?
>> The people at Daresbury like "This work benefitted from the Seqnet
>> facility at Daresbury."  
>Something like the following would be appreciated:
>We acknowledge the use of the BIOSCI electronic newsgroup network,
>supported in Europe by the Seqnet facility at Daresbury, U.K. and in
>the U.S. by the National Science Foundation with contributions from
>DOE and NIH.
>I should also thank you for offering to do this.  BIOSCI has been
>running for many years now, and this is the first such offer that I
>have *ever* received.  Given the volume on the methods newsgroup alone
>at a minimum, I am surprised that more people have not found it to be
>of use ;-).  If this was standard practice, then I would have had an
>answer to the Science person who challenged me to document cases of
>BIOSCI contributing to significant research.

I too found BIOSCI of great benefit.  However, much of the information 
I haven obtained through Bionet are basically referrals to other 
publications which I have missed.  Unfortunately if I were to refer
to the idea/technique in question, I would have to refer to the original
publication, and not to the posting on Bionet which led me back on track.
In other words, until somehow Bionet will have ORIGINAL data/contributions
not available elsewhere, I think it would be difficult to credit Bionet
even though all of us know what role Bionet did play in bringing particular
items to our awareness.

C Cho Yue
ccy at

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