Need Help with Cambridge and Brookhaven Databases

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Tue Feb 23 18:41:08 EST 1993

In article <sna-230293164452 at> sna at (Stewart Abramson) writes:
>Hi there:
>I have found access to the Brookhaven Protein Database via Gopher,
>and I have been able to download protein files for use in the 
>molecular modeling program Sybyl.
>I am wondering if anyone knows how I can access the Cambridge
>Structural Database?  Is it available by anonymous FTP, WAIS,
>or Gopher?

Not by gopher/ftp/wais that I know of.

The contacts for the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) are
as follows:

The contact in the U.K. is:

            Dr. Olga Kennard
            University Chemical Laboratory
            Lensfield Road
            Cambridge,  CB2 1EW
            [011-44] 223-336409


David Watson
phone: [011-44] 223-336394
email: dgw1 at

A contact in the U.S. is probably:

Investigator: Charles L Coulter
Sponsor     : National Institute of Health National Center for Research Resour
              Biomedical Research Technology Program
              Westwood Bldg Rm 8A15
              Bethesda, MD 20892                            

Phone       : (301) 496-9840


William Duax
Medical Foundation of Buffalo, Inc.
73 High Street
Buffalo, NY  14203

Phone:  (716) 856-9600
email:  acamjv%mfb at ubvms.bitnet

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

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