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In article <1me6rkINNdk4 at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> ccy at po.CWRU.Edu (Cheung C. Yue) writes:
>I too found BIOSCI of great benefit.  However, much of the information 
>I haven obtained through Bionet are basically referrals to other 
>publications which I have missed.  Unfortunately if I were to refer
>to the idea/technique in question, I would have to refer to the original
>publication, and not to the posting on Bionet which led me back on track.
>In other words, until somehow Bionet will have ORIGINAL data/contributions
>not available elsewhere, I think it would be difficult to credit Bionet
>even though all of us know what role Bionet did play in bringing particular
>items to our awareness.
>C Cho Yue
>ccy at

How about using "Acknowledgement:....." which is often used to thank people
for their informal encouragment and intellectual refereeing?

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