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David Steffen steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Feb 25 11:01:56 EST 1993

jasons at bmc.uu.se (Jason E Stewart) writes:
>So what's been happening in the MOO (steffen?).

Several people have been working on various (biology-related)
projects.  None of them, so far as I know, are to the point to be
terribly useful yet.  The project I am working on is the organization
of virtual scientific meetings.  Mark Adams (rMark on the MOO) and I
are collaborating with the computer scientists on the MOO to do the
MOO programming to allow this to work reasonably well.  I will post
(today) a proposal for this project I submitted to the owner of the
MOO to bionet.molbio.bio-matrix.  (This is the newsgroup where we
decided that this discussion should go.)

The take home message is:


I have seen two bad things happening:
1) Senior people (faculty) log on, realize nothing is being
accomplished, and decide the whole thing is a waste of time.  (I have
received letters to that effect as well as heard that in discussions
on the MOO.)
2) Junior people (mostly graduate students) log on and waste loads of
time chatting with all and sundry.  This contributes significantly to
point 1).

I think the MOO concept has enormous potential.
I don't think it can be realized for Biologists quite yet.
I will tell you when I think it has something to offer.
Other people working on different projects will similarly inform you.

>It would be nice to have a chat with Grad Studs the world over to sit and
>grumble about or educational turmoils.

That's fine as long as you realize that this is recreation not work.
I hate to be the Scrooge here, but I supervise lots of graduate
students in one capacity or another and I am painfully aware what
happens when graduate students get distracted.  I cannot bear to
contribute to graduate student torture!

Having said the above and absolved myself of all guilt, if you want to
use the MOO as a virtual graduate student hang out, why not post
messages to that effect ("A graduate student gabfest will be held
Monday, February 31, 1991 at 5:00 pm California time") and see what
you can put together?

I would like, if at all possible to move MOO discussions to biomatrix.
I think they are very on topic for this group (the group organizer,
Dan Davison, agrees) and it is a much lower volume group than this

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