Ethics in Science (especially biology or biochemistry)

Christopher B Jeyes gt92cbj at
Thu Feb 25 18:40:55 EST 1993

 Anyone interested in ethical science? We here at Brunel University have set up an Ethical Science Society, in order to promote research into useful, applicable and humane alternatives to animal experimentation.

	The society has held a lecture by Dr. Julia Fentem, of FRAME (Fund for the REPLACEMENT of Animals in Medical Experiments), which was very useful for those who attended. FRAME spends 500,000 pounds a year on researching the alternatives to animal experiments, and is regarded as one of the experts in their field. Brunel Ethical Science Society aims to encourage students in the university to be aware of the alternatives available to the usual animal based practical experience. There are, of course, several a

lternatives for biology students - videos, computer programs, models and museum mounted animals, cell or tissue cultures. These are all currently available, and not too expensive. 

	I hope those who have read this are open minded, and prepared to consider, and hopefully adopt, the available alternatives to animal based research. BESS is affiliated to the Biology Society (BioSoc).

	Feel free to contact me about the alternatives, or to air your views.

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