CALL FOR DISCUSSION: YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Sun Feb 28 14:33:48 EST 1993

kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:

>We have received a proposal for a new newsgroup, YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast.

>YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast charter:
>1)  to provide a forum for the exchange and diffusion of information 
>    concerning yeast people, meetings, symposia, workshops, and positions 
>    in laboratories (fellowships).
>2)  to provide a forum for discussions of scientific nature,
>    queries about strains, plasmids, vectors, and yeast genome project 
>    news.
>3)  An "unofficial" platform for discussions on matters dealing with the
>    different Yeast Genome Projects in order to facilitate International
>    cooperation between the different participating countries..	

I recieved some mail today from Rodney Rothstein, who makes an 
nice additional topic of discussion for this group:

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