HELP! Poor print quality with Mitsubishi CP 100 E vid. proc.

C. McCulloch mcculloc at
Mon Jan 11 10:00:29 EST 1993

We recently purchased a Leica CLSM confocal microscope equipped with
a Mitsubishi Color Video Copy Processor Model CP 100 E, but we are not
satisfied with the print quality.  Specifically, there is tremendous 
pixel dropout on the print.  Text letters are half formed, missing uprights
cross-strokes etc., and the image obtained is incomplete.  

Neither Leica nor Mitsubishi technical support seem able to correct the problem.

We had elsewhere used a BioRad confocal with a Sony printer and had 
excellent results with publication quality prints.  We initially requested 
the Sony printer but were told they could not guarantee compatablity with the 
European format of the Leica system.  

We were told that Mitsubishi would provide technical support, but the 
technician tried for several hours and eventually told us to take pictures 
of the screen using a Polaroid camera !!!!

Does anybody have experience with the Mitsubishi processor, preferably
with the Leica confocal system?

Thank you for any advice that can be offered.

Chris A.G. McCulloch
University of Toronto
Faculty of Dentistry

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