Accessing compuserv via bitnet?

Ashok Aiyar ashok at
Thu Jan 14 09:05:58 EST 1993

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>        From OMARTI at EARN.TIFTON Wed Jan 13 13:59:47 1993
>        From: "Orville G. Marti" <OMARTI at EARN.TIFTON>
>        Subject:  Accessing compuserv via bitnet?
>        To: bionet-news at UK.AC.DARESBURY

>        Can Compuserv be assessed via bitnet? If so, how?  Does anyone know 
>         the Compuserv address of Rush Limbaugh?>         

Yes.  Compuserve can be reached via Internet mail.  From BITNET, just use an 
appropriate Internet/BITNET gatway.

For instance to send mail the user 12345,67890 at Compuserve from the 
Internet, his address would be "12345.67890 at".

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