Accessing compuserv via bitnet?

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Thu Jan 14 21:08:23 EST 1993

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>And why not?  Have you become the network-police/arbitor of "appropriate
>material?"   :^)  The Bill of Rights, accepted in 1791, begins with:
>"Amendment I: The Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of
>speech, or of the press;..."  


You clearly have no concept of newsgroup charters.  The reason for creating 
specific newsgroups is so that a reader will not have to wade through lots of 
material that doesn't belong in a particular group.

I have nothing against requesting information.  I am simply pointing out that 
there is an appropriate forum for requesting everything.

It would not be very civil of me to post questions regarding ham-radio or 
Ka9Q on bionet either, so I do not.

While you probably are at a site where your access to news is via a direct 
Internet link and you do not pay for it, there are thousands of sites which 
carry Usenet news via UUCP links.  Those people are spending real money for 
the telephone connections which are sometimes long-distance calls.  UUCP sites 
choose the newsgroups they carry based on the interests of their users.  Every 
additional article translates directly into that much extra telephone 
connection time.  You do not make friends very quickly by posting to the wrong 

Before I end, I would like to make one additional point.  Before you bring up 
the US Bill of Rights (for which I have the utmost respect), please bear in 
mind that Usenet is not restricted to the United States.  Usenet news is 
propagated throughout the world, most of which unfortunately cares little 
about your quotation.

Have a pleasant day, and spend some time thinking.

                              Ashok Aiyar 
                      Department of Biochemistry
                       CWRU School of Medicine

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