Accessing compuserv via bitnet?

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>>        Can Compuserv be assessed via bitnet? If so, how?  Does anyone know 
>>         the Compuserv address of Rush Limbaugh?>         

According to the CompuServe directory of members:

	Rush H. Limbaugh    #7027,2502

Therefore Rush's Internet address is:  7027.2502 at
a period replaces the comma of the user ID.  The gateway is bi-directional,
in that a Compuserve subscriber can send CompuServe mail to an Internet

>From a BITNET site, this would be " at CUNYVM.BITNET".
>Finally, I'm sure you would agree that Rush Limbaugh's e-mail address is 
>scarcely appropriate material for "bionet.general".  "" 
>might be more appropriate.

And why not?  Have you become the network-police/arbitor of "appropriate
material?"   :^)  The Bill of Rights, accepted in 1791, begins with:
"Amendment I: The Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of
speech, or of the press;..."  

>For readers from elsewhere, R.L is an American radio talk-show host who has 
>extremely conservative right wing views, and discusses that relates to the 
>Biological Sciences.

More specifically, Rush Limbaugh is a very popular radio and television
personlity with sometimes conservative and sometimes middle-of-the-road
social and politcal opinions.....and he offends lesbians and feminists
on a daily basis by referring to them as "avenging lesbians and
femin-nazis."  (The only U.S. media market *not* carrying Linbaugh's TV
program is Washington, D.C.)

Additionally, Linbaugh's book, "How Things Should Be," is the #1 Non-
Fiction Best seller: a higher achievement than attained by Ashok or myself,
consevative or otherwise.  :^)


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