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Robert C. Colgrove robin at
Fri Jan 15 00:03:18 EST 1993

As part of my fellowship in Infectious Diseases,
I am required to prepare the occasional talk/lecture.
Lately I have been writing up handouts on our department Mac
complete with scanned figures, OCR'd tables, and detailed ref lists.
It finally dawned on me that lots of other folks are doing similar stuff
and pooling these "blurbs" might make a useful resource for other med folk.
So far I have reasonably polished bullet summaries on:
Extrapulmonary Pneumocystis and Nutrionally Variant Strep Endocarditis
and I know from some of the other fellows that similar handouts for
TB meningitis, Tularemia, Equine Encephalitis
and a handful of other topics are floating around on disk.
These are by and large in Microsft Word format so are pretty widely readable.
My question is whether there are other folks who have similar 
"canned talks" and whether there would be some good central place to
archive them for general use. I know when I was a house officer, I was
always writing up little tidbits for students and interns so a central
archive might save a lot of duplicated effort.
Any thoughts?
Please email to me and I will summarize if there is interest.
robin at

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