Accessing compuserv via bitnet?

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Thu Jan 14 22:27:32 EST 1993

In article <ashok.231.727063702 at> ashok at (Ashok Aiyar) writes:
>In article <1993Jan15.004528.12065 at> samodena at (S. A. Modena) writes:
>>And why not?  Have you become the network-police/arbitor of "appropriate
>>material?"   :^)  The Bill of Rights, accepted in 1791, begins with:
>>"Amendment I: The Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of
>>speech, or of the press;..."  
>You clearly have no concept of newsgroup charters.  The reason for creating 
>specific newsgroups is so that a reader will not have to wade through lots of 
>material that doesn't belong in a particular group.
>........[ETC   ETC   ETC].....
>.............................  Those people are spending real money for 
>the telephone connections which are sometimes long-distance calls. .... 
..........[ETC  ETC  ETC].....
>                              Ashok Aiyar 

If you were really so concerned, then your self-contradictory reply would
not have been posted to the InterNet...only to run up those UUCP long
distance charges farther.  ;^)

Ashok received a more extended reply from me privately.  :^)  [Unless
of course, there is a "Reply-To: bionet.general" line on that email, in which
case you all will be treated to it.]

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