ATCC info ?

Fri Jan 15 16:50:06 EST 1993

ATCC is accessible via CODATA; you have to apply for an account, and you
get charged for connect time. (It's not cheap).  You need to contact
ATCC directly for details.  You might also want to consider getting the
ATCC catalogs on floppy disk, they are only about $20 per catalog, and
doing searches on them is lots less frustrating than accessing via
 On 15 Jan 1993, James R. Mensch Jr. wrote:

> Date: 15 Jan 93 00:19:29 GMT
> From: James R. Mensch Jr. <jm68 at>
> To: bioforum at
> Subject: ATCC info ?
> Help!  Does anyone have an e-mail address for the American Type 
> Culture Collection (ATCC)?  Or, better yet, a way to access
> their catalog via Internet or dial-up?  A hunt via Gopher was
> fruitless.  Please reply by e-mail, I will post a report if the
> response is positive.  Thanks
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