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	Subject: RE: MFTU of GCGMENU
	Wai Ming ("S=vldnaseq;OU=hkucc;O=hku;P=hk;A=dbp;C=de") wrote:
	> I obtained the program GCGMENU from netserv at . This
	> requires MFTU to extract it to executables, but I do not have access
	> to MFTU.  Can anybody help me to locate the MFTU ? I wish to get it by
	> anonymous FTP, is this possible ?
	I don't know where to pick up MFTU via FTP. But the most simple way to get
	it is just to send a message to FILESERVER at WKUVX1.BITNET containing the line
	You will receive five parts. Extract them all, remove any mail header
	information and concatenate all parts into one file. Then execute the file
	as a command procedure (it is a self extracting VMS-Share archive). As a result
	you will find a few archiver utilities, one is MFTU.EXE . This one is enough
	to unpack GCGMENU.MFT . Just assign a symbol like
	     MFTU :== $disk:[directory]MFTU.EXE
	Then enter
	and you get README.TXT and GCG-MENU.A . Now you may install GCG-menu as
	described in the README-file using VMSINSTAL.
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