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"Cliff Pickover ", 914 945-3630 cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Sat Jan 16 08:28:38 EST 1993

I'm writing a scenario where researchers grow lobsters to much larger
sizes for commercial prophet.  My science below may be shaky, and
I'd appreciate it if any of you could tell me what steps of the
scenario below need revising to make the science more realistic.
Since I don't always easily access this forum, could you send
your responses to me at cliff at

1. Researchers request E. coli from fellow researchers who
have placed the human growth hormone gene in the E coli's plasmids.

2.  Researchers respond to the request by sending E. coli in a small
vial in a package marked biohazard.

3. E. coil with plasmids are cultured in a petri dish and multiply.

4. Embryonic lobsters are mixed with the E. coli, at which point
the E coli's plasmids containing human growth hormone enter
the cells of the lobster and are integrated into its own genetic

5. Human growth hormone is now produced in the lobster as it matures
and the resultant lobster is bigger.

How can I make the following 5 steps more believable and accurate
from a scientific standpoint?  What would you revise, add or change?
Thanks, cliff at

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