New Version of SRS available now!

omond at omond at
Sun Jan 17 04:23:02 EST 1993

In article <AJB.93Jan15122435 at>, ajb at (Alan Bleasby) writes:
> Hi Rodrigo,
> Obvious question: When is the UNIX version going to be available. You
>  mentioned a few months ago that it would be alpha(beta?) soon.
>  We'd love to be such a test site :-)
> Thanks
> Alan

*sigh* ... when are we going to get serious about portable software ?
I think the question that should have been asked is :

	When is the POSIX version going to be available ?

Ps.  SRS is NOT restricted to VAX/VMS.  It also runs very nicely on our
Alpha (DEC 3000 model 500) under VMS !  I'll leave any more talking to
Thure (Etzold).

Roy Omond
System Manager/PostMaster etc. etc.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Heidelberg, Germany.

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