: Accessing compuserv via bitnet?

P. A. Lopez-Valencia S942438 at UMSLVMA.UMSL.EDU
Mon Jan 18 12:45:28 EST 1993

To whoever *is* interested in learning about what is INTERNET, USENET
and all the resources available in the world of computer networking
(well... Almost everything) my suggestions are:
1-. READ alt.bbs.internet, alt.wais and alt.gopher Those are enlightening
2-. GET a copy of Zen and the Art of the Internet by Brendan P. Kehoe,
which is available from ftp.cs.widener.edu in /pub/zen as a Postscript or
a TeX file. Remember that postscript files are binary files. If you use
a UNIX or a VMS machine, my recomendation is to transfer the files using
the tenex protocol. If yopu don't know how to do anonymous FTP read
alt.bbs.internet for a while and get a copy of the FAQ. If you are more sophis
ticated you can buy a copy of the second edition of Zen... through your
favorite store. It was published by Prentice-Hall during the last quarter of
92 (not sure about the publishing house but you can always look at the
I.S.B.N. Books in Print catalog).  B.T.W. Widener is the FTP site for the
Simpsons fans (not J. Gaylord Simpson!!!)
P. A.Lopez-Valencia
Biology Department
University of Missouri-St. Louis
           s942438 at umslvma.umsl.edu
           palopez at joline.umsl.edu

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