who wants old journals?

Mon Jan 18 18:41:07 EST 1993

A couple of years ago I was asked to contribute old journal issues to a
scientist in Czeckoslovakia (I forget his name now), because he was
unable a get any of the major western journals.  Maybe things are
better now with the political changes going on in eastern Europe, but I
would suspect that many of our collegues over there still have
difficulty getting their hands on journals.
 On 18 Jan 1993, BEVERLY SEAVEY

> Date: 18 Jan 93 18:04:05 GMT
> From: BEVERLY SEAVEY <nmrdb at vms.macc.wisc.edu>
> To: bioforum at net.bio.net
> Subject: Re: who wants old journals?
> In article <1jd9gp$741 at agate.berkeley.edu>, Eugene M. Shekhtman <unknown at garnet.berkeley.edu> writes...
> >Does anyone know of a library or university or whatever that can use back
> >issues of
> >journals from one's personal subscription?  I have the last couple of
> >years of Science-many people 
> >don't keep their back issues and I'm wondering wher3e they can be donated
> >etc.  I'm in
> >the Bay area (UC Berkeley)  so would appreciate a local answer, it just
> >seems like a waste
> >for us to trash these.  If you know, please email me  
> >(dvs at mendel.berkeley.edu)
>   My husband recently visited a major university in Canton (Guangzhou)
> China. They had one subscription of Science for the entire university
> and the issues were kept under lock and key. Perhaps we could organize a
> way to cheaply send old journals to CHina.

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