Permits for soil

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Mon Jan 18 21:15:14 EST 1993

I would like to obtain a permit to bring soil in to the US.  I am
interested in culturing protists from soil-litter, and I need to know
how to _legally_ import small collections from all over the world.  I can
agree to use the material only in the lab and to autoclave material when
finished with cultures.  I cannot agree to "fumigate" soil first, since
I am interested in things that may not survive fumigation.  Any information
on the right person to contact would be appreciated.  Please respond
to me directly, not the net.

Dick Pratt BITNET:pqq at psuvm  INTERNET: pqq at
7 Ferguson Bldg.
Penn State
University Park, PA  16802   814/865-6942

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