ATCC access info!

James R. Mensch Jr. jm68 at
Mon Jan 18 13:23:40 EST 1993

My request for help in accessing the American Type Culture Collection yielded
several responses.  The "best" of these was from Mark Galinski, to wit:

Try 1:800 647-4710 use vt100 2400b 8,1,N
Login:common  Psswd:common

   This is what I almost simultaneously discovered from examining an old
(1991) copy of the cDNA catalog which an aquaintance produced, so it is
the goods.  Others mentioned access via the Life Science Network and CODATA
services, these however are potentially costly.  "GARBRECT" says floppy
versions are available for ca. $20 ea..  Thanks again to all.  Jim M.
Jim Mensch : j-mensch at
             menche at

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