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                     INTERNATIONAL  CONFERENCE
             September 14 -- 17, 1993, Sozopol, Bulgaria
            Organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Purpose of the Conference:
Revolutionary new ideas in scientific computation are strongly
influencing mathematical modelling.  Many numerical algorithms with
automatic result verification, providing full control over the effects
of computational errors and uncertainties in the input data are
developed.  Software and hardware tools and programming languages
supporting the implementation of such algorithms are developed.  In
the near future suitable problem solving environments with result
verification will be available for the most common mathematical
problems.  The use of such tools permits the reduction of global
computational error below given bounds, and as a consequence, a
mathematically clear evaluation of the effects of an imperfect
mathematical model.  It is well-known that a main task of mathematical
modelling is to study the deficiencies and the scope of validity of a
particular mathematical model, which is very difficult in a situation
when the computational errors are not under control.
At present there are two groups of specialists who need each others
knowledge.  On one side, there are numerical analysts designing
methods with automatic result verification who need good examples of
particular practical applications.  On the other side, there are
highly specialized application scientist who have had bad experiences
with traditional numerical methods and who do not know, or know very
little of the new methodology for scientific computation.  The purpose
of the Conference is to bring together these two diverse groups of
specialists and thus to make available the new methodology for
scientific computation and the new software tools to the scientific
Numerical methods and applications in biology, biotechnology, ecology,
physics, engineering, manufacturing and production systems;
SC-programming languages, program packages and problem solving
environments supporting scientific computations; mathematical models,
involving interval-valued input data; enclosure methods involving
automatic result verification applied to particular modelling
situations; the role of interval methods and computer arithmetic in
theorem proving, computational geometry etc.;
The official language of MMSC-93 is English.
Call for Papers:
Three copies of a contributed paper, nominally four pages long, in
camera ready standard A4 format are to be submitted by April 1, 1993.
The contributions should be prepared as an ASCII file preferably with
the macropackage LaTeX (article style, 12pt) and the corresponding
file should be submitted by e-mail (or on a diskette) as well as in
printed form to some of the contact persons.
High quality tutorial lecturs will be given on fundamental topics
related to scientific computation.
Schedule of Dates:
Return of form of intent                 as soon as possible.
Submission of contributed paper
(of 4 full pages recommended length)     April 15, 1993
Notification of acceptance               June 15, 1993
Pre-registration                         July 15, 1993
The conference will take place in the Rest Home of the Technical
University - Sofia in Sozopol, September 14-17, 1993.  Sozopol is the
most beautiful and romantic ancient town on southern part of the
Bulgarian Black Sea coast.  It is located 30 km South from the town of
Bourgas, which is an international airport.  In September the weather
should be fine with water temperatures above 20 C.
                 Support in any form is wellcome!
                           Contact Persons:
R. B. Kearfott
The University of Southwestern Louisiana
Dept. of Mathematics, P.O. Box 41010
Lafayette, Louisiana 70504-1010, USA
phone: (1 318) 231 5270
e-mail: rbk at
I. Dimov
Center of Informatics and Computer Technology, BAS
Acad. G. Bonchev str., bl. 25A
BG-1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
phone: (359 2) 70 84 94
e-mail: ivdimov at bgearn.bitnet
K. Madsen
Technical University of Denmmark
2800 Lyngby, Denmark
e-mail: numikm at
D. V. Shiriaev
Institut fuer Angewandte Mathematik,
Universtaet Karlsruhe, Kaiserstr. 12
D-W-7500 Karlsruhe 1, Germany
phone: (49 721) 37 79 35; fax: (49 721) 69 52 83
e-mail: dima at
Ch. Ullrich
Institute for Informatics, University of Basel
Mittlere Str. 142, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland
phone: (41 61) 321 99 68
e-mail: ullrich at
J. Wolff von Gudenberg
University Wuerzburg, Am Hubland
D-W-8700 Wuerzburg, Germany
phone: (49 931) 888 5517
e-mail:wolff at
---------------------------<CUT HERE>----------------------------
Complete and return to   N. Dimitrova (Secretary of MMSC-93):
                         Institute of Biophysics, BAS
                         Acad. G. Bonchev str., bl. 21
                         BG-1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
                         phone: (359 2) 70 74 60
                         e-mail: neli at bgearn.bitnet
                     International Conference on
             September 14 -- 17, 1993, Sozopol, Bulgaria
                          REGISTRATION  FORM
NAME:     __________________________________________________
ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________
TELEPHONE: (____)______________  FAX: (____)________________
E-MAIL:   _________________________
Check boxes as appropriate:
I plan to attend MMSC-93      [_]
I wish to present:
-  a 20 min lecture           [_]
-  a poster                   [_]
-  a computer demonstration   [_]
printed materials for exposition
Provisional title of contributed paper: _____________________________
The registration fees will be paid as follows:          _
 $100  until July 31, 1993 by banktransfer to          [_]
       Basler Kantonalbank, CH-4002 Basel,
       Universitaet Basel, Institut fuer Informatik
       Acc. No. 16583.144.46 "Int.Conf.MMSC"
 $130 in cash at the registration desk.                [_]

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