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In a discussion just a few days ago, I commented to Larry London,
compiler of the sustainable/organic ag database at SunSite and occasional
poster to bionet.plants, that indexable/retrievable access to the Federal
Register (the gazette of the daily business of Congress) would be
empowering to a number of people.  Larry sent me the following, which I
think might be of general interest.
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Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1993 01:30:12 -0500 (EST)
>From: Larry London <london at SunSite.unc.edu>
Subject: Federal Register available on the Internet
>From: susan calcari <calcaris at nic.cerf.net>
Sat, 9 Jan 93 09:45:01 PST
To: Multiple recipients of list <nis at cerf.net>
Subject: Federal Register Available on Internet

                             PRESS RELEASE


CAMBRIDGE, MA. (Jan. 7, 1993) --        Counterpoint Publishing, Inc. today
announced a new service  providing  same-day  availability of the  complete
Federal Register (FR)  via the  Internet,  the largest  data communications
network in the world.  The Federal Register is an official  U.S. Government
daily publication containing  all proposed and final rules and notices from
more than 130 government agencies.

     The Counterpoint  Federal  Register  service will  provide  the  fully
indexed text of  the complete  Federal Register sourced  from the  magnetic
tapes provided daily by the U.S.  Government Printing Office.  Articles  in
the FR  contain,  for  example,  new EPA  regulations,  grant  and  funding
opportunities,  Presidential documents  and  hundreds of  other  proposals,
rules and meeting notices each day.

     Counterpoint's simplified  menu-driven  software allows  end-users  to
view the daily Federal Register by table of contents, key words in any  and
exact order, article type, full-text or heading only, agency, date or range
of dates or citation.  The software does not require graphical  interfaces,
a mouse  or function  keys, thus  making it  easy to  use on  a variety  of
computing  platforms  such  as  IBM-compatibles,  Macintosh(tm),  Unix(tm),
VMS(tm), etc.  Routine searches can  be stored add replayed.  Documents  in
the FR are exportable in ASCII  format with text exportable to E-mail,  any
word processor, or printer.

     Counterpoint will  also  provide  alternative access  to  the  Federal
Register to  better  address  the  unique  needs  of  the  Global  Internet
community.  Using such  distribution and access  mechanisms as  Usenet News
(NNTP), Mail (SMTP), Gopher, WAIS and the World Wide Web, Counterpoint will
provide the daily Federal  Register in the most  cost efficient and  timely
manner possible, using the most up to date and powerful tools available  to
the network user.

     The new  Counterpoint service  is  provided through  arrangement  with
Internet.COM -  Internet Consulting Services  of  Cambridge,  MA.,  helping
providers of goods and services develop  commercial presence on  the Global

     Counterpoint is  the  nation's  leading publisher  of  federal  source
documents in electronic formats.   Several thousand  customers now use  the
weekly CD-ROM  version of  the Federal  Register instead  of the  hardbound
paper version.   Counterpoint also  introduced recently  the complete  U.S.
Code of Federal  Regulations on Compact  Disc.  This  product will also  be
made available to the Global Internet in the future.

---   For more information, call Counterpoint at 800-998-4515 or via e-mail
on the Internet at fedreg at internet.com.
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I have no financial interest in CounterPoint nor have I even contacted them
yet....but for those who would like to become self-sufficient in tracking
announcements of federal grant programs or legislation/regulation affecting
your science ...I think this is a big step forward!

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