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Fri Jan 22 18:31:24 EST 1993

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Lukas Bertschinger, Virologist
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Dear collegue,

In CIMMYT's wheat pathology group, several people are interested in Video Image 
Analysis (VIA). The applications that we have in mind are disease severity 
assessment and object countings and size measurements of microscope images. 
Since we do not have any equipment nor experience we would like to receive the 
opinion of (experienced) VIA-users (not necessarily with the same applications).
First the hardware. What kind of digitizer card could you recommend. We are 
doubting between 8-bit and 24-bit frame grabbers and do not have a special 
brand in mind. Any recommendation?
The video camera is the next part. We have seen several options in different 
price classes. What are the differences and what should we keep in mind when 
comparing different camera's?
The computer we want to use is a 486 IBM compatible with 4mB RAM, 200mB Hard 
disk, a 1mB videocard, a HRVGA color monitor and a windows accelerator. We 
probably would need a second monitor for image display. Again, many monitors 
with different prices exist. What would you recomend?
Finally, we come to the software. OPTIMUS from Bioscan ($ 4000,00) and JAVA 
from Jandel ($1500) are two commercial packages I know of. Does anybody have 
experience with one of them. Do you know of any other available software?
We would very much appreciate if someone could help us to solve the mentioned 


				Leon Broers
				CIMMYT, Wheat Program

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