BP equipment needed

Douglas Fitts dfitts at carson.u.washington.edu
Wed Jan 27 16:51:47 EST 1993

Can anyone help me locate a source for inexpensive *new* blood
pressure measuring equipment?

I have been having trouble locating simple equipment for measuring
direct arterial blood pressure in rats.  My budget period ends soon,
and I need to spend this fast.  

The commercial products I have found are Mega packages with fancier
computer controls than I need, and these cost far more than my
roughly $7000 can allow (e.g., Harvard Instruments, BrainWave Systems, 
etc.).  Stoelting has a fairly inexpensive apparatus, but it only 
has 2 channels.  I want *new* equipment, because I am already
disgusted with the quirks of old stuff.

I need to measure MAP, systolic, diastolic, and heart rate in freely
moving rodents.  Thus, no indirect systems.  I need to measure 3 or
4 at a time.  I'll use Cobe disposable transducers and cables connected
to signal conditioners in a frame of some kind.  I have an original
IBM 6-MHz AT with EGA that I can dedicate both as a display
device and as data storage.  I don't really need a full-blown computer-
driven interface for the equipment, or even a sophisticated graphical
display of the data.  It would be sufficient to have the data come in 
through an AD board and stored in binary files.  A small library of 
routines (with source code) to manipulate the files would be nice, 
but I can write my own front end as long as the formats of the data 
stream and binary files are known.

Doug Fitts
Department of Psychology
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
dfitts at u.washington.edu

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