Is bionet causing duplicates?

Daniel Zabetakis dan at
Fri Jan 29 14:43:46 EST 1993

    This was posted to news.admin.misc. Since it seems to involve, I thought I would post it here to make sure those who
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Quoted article below:

From: lwv26 at (Larry W. Virden)
Subject: Can someone track down a solution to duplicate postings?

In at least one group - comp.unix.solaris - there is a site which is
duplicating msgs back into the net.  I sent email to the site (to
users postmaster, root, and usenet) but to date haven't seen any answers.
I don't know if other groups are having the same problem.  Here is
a sample of the msg id change that is occuring:

My msg had 
Message-ID: <1993Jan29.142113.18343 at>

The new 'phony' msg had
Message-ID: <9301291430.AA15074 at>

The duplicates always have in the msg id.
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