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Sun Jan 31 20:14:25 EST 1993

The following is relayed from the Triangle FreeNet discussion group.
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>From CAROLYNK.IAT at Sat Jan 30 20:53:04 1993
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 13:26
Subject: e-mail to the White House

The White House is finally connected to the rest of the email world. Here's
a reprint of a message someone got in response to sending mail to Clinton's
account on CompuServe.

>Date: 27 Jan 93 20:19:51 EST
>From: The White House <75300.3115 at>
>To: Dave Farber <farber at>
>Subject: Re: Press Briefing, January 27, 1993
>      Thank you for your recent electronic mail message to the White
> House.  As soon as practicable it will be sent to the appropriate office
> for consideration.  You should receive a written reply in due course.
> Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to respond substantively
> to your message by electronic mail.  We appreciate your patience as we
> implement our new electronic systems.
>          As you know, this is the first time in history that the
> White House has been connected to the public through electronic
> mail.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for ways to improve
> your Public Access E-mail program.
>      Regards,
>      Jock Gill
>      Electronic Publishing
>      Public Access E-mail
>      The White House
>      Washington, D.C.
>      75300.3115 at         <<=== write that down!
>      CLINTON PZ on America Online
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BTW,  75300.3115 at is a valid (gatewayed) UseNet address.
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