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I guess Telluride is going to outgrow it's ski resort image after all.  :^)

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                           IDEAS FESTIVAL

July 23-25
Telluride, Colorado

The Telluride InfoZone is a pilot project for broad spectrum community
development and education in rural areas, using information and
telecommunications technologies.  It is being planned as a pragmatic
answer to real issues facing this place, and as a test-bed for systems,
services, and the long range social, economic and cultural implications
of "telecommunities" in our "information society".

This summer, the Telluride Institute eighth annual Ideas Festival will
focus on "Tele-Community". On the weekend of July 23-25, the ideas
Festival will host face to face discussions and teleconferences on the
difficult issues: the politics, economics, technological, social and
cultural implications of "Tele-Community."


As government and corporate interests form alliances and position
themselves to create a new National Information Infrastructure, there is
a growing movement among regional and local communities and dedicated
individuals to shape a more humane, socially serving direction for our
tele-media-ted future.  Participate in this vital conversation and help
promote an ecology of the information environment.

Technical Considerations: networks, hardware, software, standards.
Applications and Implications: political realities; cultural
uncertainties; economic opportunities; social responsibilities.
Break-out work sessions will be held on critical public policy and
access issues.  Featured presentations include:

Information Economics 101: The pay-per society
Civic Networking: From information highways to home-town
Science and the nets: The Human Genome Project (information mapping)
Virtual Publishing: The medium is changing; what is the message?
Native Nets: Talking drums on-line
Colorado Initiatives: Setting the agenda


Join us in initiating the Telluride InfoZone, providing local access
Internet connection to the world, and broadband community net services.
Sample developing technologies and explore some of the many on-line
applications and communities.


    "Tele/Comm/Unity" - A tele-communication arts project: hosting
interactive, multi-media connections with artists, universities and
cultural centers around the world - featuring the Electronic Cafe

   Skyfield - Picnic on the West Meadows, site of the proposed new town
of Skyfield, a ground-breaking, ecologically planned, tele-community.

   The Ideas Festival is a program of the Telluride Institute, supported
in part by Colorado Advanced Technology Institute & Colorado Supernet;

The Colorado Trust; Apple Computer, Inc.; and the Town of Telluride,
Commission on Arts and Special Events.

  The Telluride Institute is an eight year old non-profit corporation
with  501(c)(3) tax exempt status, active locally, regionally and
internationally in natural resources, arts and culture, and research.
Amongst the purposes stated in its Articles of Incorporation is promotion
of *the understanding of the information revolution and its adaptation to
the improvement of human welfare and culture*. The InfoZone concept is
the result of several years' study as to how best transform this purpose
into action.
(* means confirmed)

*John Lifton and Pamela Zoline - Tellluride Institute/Skyfield
*John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene - Megatrends 2000
Amory and Hunter Lovins - Rocky Mountain Institute

*Jonathan Aronson - School of International Relations, University of
     Southern CA
*Ann Branscomb - Program on Information Resources Policy, Harvard
*Lewis Branscomb - Kennedy School, Harvard University
Duane Elgin - Director, Choosing Our Future
*Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz - Electronic Cafe International
*Ken Harmon - Director, Colorado Supernet
Heather Hudson - University of San Francisco
*Dave Hughes - Old Colorado City Communications
*Ken Klingenstein - Dir., Computer & Network Services, UC, Boulder
*Jeff Richardson - Director Rural Telecom Program, Colorado Advanced
     Tech. Inst.
Richard Solomon - Research Lab on Electronics, M.I.T.

Albert Gore, Jr. - Vice President, USA
*Richard Civille - Center for Civic Networking
*Steve Cisler - Apple Library of Tomorrow
Randy Ross - American Indian Telecommunications
*Roger Fidler - Knight Ridder Information Design Lab
*Stephen Berry - University of Chicago
*Stephen Hull, TogetherNet
*Gene Youngblood - College of Santa Fe
*Andrezej Konopka - National Institute of Health
Bill Washburn - Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX)
*Howard Rheingold - Whole Earth Review
*Lewis Rossetto - Wired
*Douglas Carmichael - Metanet/Metasystems Design
*Mark Graham - Pandora Systems
*Judy Malloy - Leonardo/F.A.S.T.

*Richard Lowenberg, Program Director
For Program Information contact: Telluride Institute, PO Box 1770,
Telluride, CO  81435  (303) 728-4402   Email tellinst at
Travel arrangements : Telluride Travel Company 800-833-8616 (inside
Colorado  303-728-3044); Lodging: Telluride Central Reservations:
800-525-3455  (inside Colorado 303-728-4431)

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