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+>+do any of you have references on the following:
+>+1. what functions do (or can ?) repetitive elements have ? if possible a review 
+>+article or an article which shows some data on this.
+>+2. i remember a paper in which breastcancer was associated with a jumping
+>+alu element, do you know the reference ?
+So what's the verdict now that we've all thrown references around?  I watched
+my pile settle to the floor, observed it carefully for any additional 
+movement, and have to conclude that the only reliable evidence to date is 
+that they function in producing spontaneous mutation.  Any thoughts?

naturally they also function in telomere stabilization, as described by 
blackburn, but furthermore, all evidence is rather sketchy, so sketchy
in fact that i doubt that i will include it in my paper. everybody
SPEAKS about involvement in transcription regulation,  but i haven't found
any hard proof...yet (last time i said this, i got hit two days later, though !)
so i will keep on looking, and will report any relevant findings !

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