Arris Pharmeceutical -- What happened?

Bill Park park at
Wed Jul 7 12:36:37 EST 1993

A friend of mine in molecular modeling told me that Arris
Pharmeceuticals in the San Francisco Bay Area (Foster City?) has gone
out of business.  This is surprising if true because it was started
only a couple of years ago by some of the brightest minds in computer
science -- Thomas Lozano-Perez, Pat Winston, and others, mainly from
the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  They were going to speed
up the devleopment of new drugs through innovative AI-based approaches
to rational drug design.  I think I even saw news articles within the
last six months describing the terrific computer software they had

Can anyone tell me if this rumor is true, and, if so, why such a
promising startup failed in Silicon Valley?


Bill Park

Grandpaw Bill's High Technology Consulting & Live Bait, Inc.

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