Arris Pharmeceutical -- What happened?

Tom Dietterich tgd at
Wed Jul 7 14:32:16 EST 1993

In article <parkC9t292.Hr7 at>, park at (Bill Park) writes:
|> A friend of mine in molecular modeling told me that Arris
|> Pharmeceuticals in the San Francisco Bay Area (Foster City?) has gone
|> out of business. 
|> Can anyone tell me if this rumor is true, and, if so, why such a
|> promising startup failed in Silicon Valley?
|> Thanks,
|> Bill Park
|> =========

This is entirely false.  Arris Pharmaceutical is continuing its
development and application of artificial intelligence methods
(primarily machine learning, neural networks, and computational
geometry) to the analysis of biological data to enable the drug
design process.  Arris has recently signed collaborative agreements
with two major pharmaceutical firms:  Kabi Pharmacia (of Sweden)
and Amgen (of California).  

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