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Subj:	Re: Animal Rights(was Re: Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods)

just imagine: a band of evil zeptons invade the world from outer space. since
they regard themselves as more intelligent than us, they have absolutely
no bad feelings to test trial there novel birth-control pills on the stupid
earthlings, who blunder about on the surface of the earth, unable to hold
there food during intergalactic lunchhours...

do they have a right to do so ? i guess yes.

it is all rather subjective, isn't it ? it depends on how far the distance is
between us and the test-animal (or consumed animal). you can then start an 
extended discussion on intelligents and so on, but that is imho useless. i have
nothing against a good, bloodchilling experiment with a dog, but if
you want to use mine, you are in problems !
in that sense, for most of us, the victims of the nazis were a little too 
human, and a labmouse simply isn't.

the reason i can still critisize  animal rights activists are:
	1. they diffuse the topic (they maltreat the truth)
	2. and they are not as open-minded about this discussion as they
		should be

i am certain i will get flamed for this. but it is a personal opinion based
on personal observations.

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