Una Smith smith-una at
Thu Jul 8 10:08:47 EST 1993


	Change bit.listserv.ecolog-l to


	bit.listserv.ecolog-l is an active newsgroup with a gated
	mailing list (ECOLOG-L) of about 900 subscribers.  If the
	proposal passes, the gateway will be modified to reflect
	the change of the newsgroup name.

	The mailing list itself will not be affected by this change. 

	The mailing list is sponsored by the Ecological Society of
	America.  It distributes items of interest to ESA members,
	particularly job announcements, and serves as a forum for
	discussion of ecological research, particularly research in
	North America.

	This proposal has been discussed extensively in ECOLOG-L and
	elsewhere.  The discussion period is now closed.  Interested
	latecomers may retrieve copies of all comments from monthly
	ECOLOG-L logs in the LISTSERV archive on


Send e-mail to smith-una at with the Subject "CFV:",
and in the body of your e-mail specify either

	I vote YES on
	I vote NO on

Votes will be accepted until 8 pm Greenwich Mean Time on 7 August.


You must use the format specified above because your vote will be
tallied using a computer program.  You must vote via e-mail to 
smith-una at  votes sent via the mailing list/newsgroup will
*not* be counted.  Only correctly formatted votes received before
the time specified above will be accepted.

You may vote only once, no matter how many computer accounts you
have.  Forwarded or proxy ballots are not allowed.  If you do vote
more than once, only the last vote received will be counted.  This
allows you the luxury of changing your mind.  You may vote only on
the proposal as stated.

Please do not distribute this CFV.  If you wish to draw attention to
the vote, you may inform others that there is a vote underway, and
where you saw this CFV.  This CFV will be re-posted during the voting
period, to give latecomers a chance to vote.  For a Usenet proposal
to pass, there must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes and
at least 2/3 of all votes must be YES.

Receipt of all votes will be acknowledged.  Once the voting period
ends, the votes will be tallied and the results posted in
news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, and bit.listserv.ecolog-l. 
The results will include a list of all voters and how they voted, so
that each voter can verify that his or her vote was counted properly.

Please vote!


      Una Smith      Department of Biology       smith-una at
                     Yale University
                     New Haven, CT  06511

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