chemiluminescence microtiter plate reader ?

Ed Stokes ebstokes at
Thu Jul 8 12:41:56 EST 1993

We are developing a competitive immunoassay for halogenated
aromatics. A standard 96 well microtiter plate is incubated
with a solution of antibody and alkaline phosphatase tagged
antigen. After exposure to an unknown solution of untagged
antigen, Phos530 is added, and the resulting chemiluminescence
is monitored on photographic film.

It seems that there should be an inexpensive way to monitor
the chemiluminescent photon flux from each of the wells, with
an array of 96 photodiodes, for example. I am aware of a number
of automatic photoluminescence plate readers, but all of them
utilize an excitation source, which we do not need for the
chemiluminescent assay.

Is anyone aware of a commercially available 96 well photodiode
array which could be used for this purpose ?

Ed Stokes
ebstokes at

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