Animal Rights(was Re: Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods)

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>>> If you _really_ want to be picky, you wouldn't eat any fruit that
>>> another organism needs to survive, nor would you plant fruit
>>> trees where they displace native vegetation.
>>It would seem necessary to eat something in order to provide for
>>organisms dependant on it.  If I recall correctly, there are more
>>prokaryotic cells inside a human than human cells.

>By this logic, an AR fanatic wouldn't use antibiotics.  You
>won't find many that take it this far.  It is the logical conclusion,
>but logic doesn't have anything to do with the AR position.  Bacteria
>can be dismissed by them as "non-sentient" or "unable to feel

Since animals are sacrificed to research and develop (including toxicity and 
efficacy studies) such pharmaceuticals as antibiotics before human
trials, it seems inconsistant for an AR activist to protest the use of
animals in biomedical research yet use pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics
since they "only" harm bacteria.  

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