Giardia Cysts

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In article <21i1amINNosc at>, denson at (Craig Denson) writes:
>  can anyone tell me how long giardia and giardia cysts can survive
>out of water - or point me to some literature? the response to this
>question in rec.backcountry was less than definitive. the context for
>the question is: what do i need to do when my 'good' water container
>gets contaminated  - flushing it is obvious - but i wondered if just
>drying it out for a hour or so was sufficient.

There's a nice review article in the May '93 issue of Journal of Food 
Protection [vol.56(5):451-461] by James Smith on both Cryptosporidium
(i.e., recent Milwaukee municipal water problem) and Giardia.  It lists the 
survivability of Giardia cysts at various temperatures for so many days, 
etc.  I don't recall anything about drying, but I wouldn't think that 
drying for only 1 hr would be sufficient.  It does list some studies 
examining the effect of various sanitizers
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