Re. "Animal rights" activists invade bionet

Fri Jul 9 12:13:00 EST 1993

Let me put it another way.  If we do not participate in the
discussion, then we will be out of the loop when the real,
political decisions are made which will effect our ability to
do research.  Is that what's being advoacted.  If not, what
are the alternatives?  Because the people who ultimately will
make these decisions are concerned about "right" and "wrong".
Can you present a cogent argument to John or Jane Q. Public
who owns a pet as to why *your* experiments are justified?
*When* will J.Q. Public see the benefit?  In some cases the
answer to this is immediate and obvious, so little discussion
is needed, but in other cases the benefits are much more
'ephemeral' (i.e., 'long-term') which is harder to justify to
J.Q. Public these days.  Have you heard the arguments about
basic science in general?  It is not *obvious* that basic research
should be supported at all, and if you throw in animal use to boot,
well ....  

What I would like to know is, how will holding this discussion
help the animal rights movement any more than not hold the

Paul S.
just my opinion

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