"Animal rights" activists invade bionet

Michael Holloway mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu
Wed Jul 7 12:36:10 EST 1993

>Anyway, to return to my original question, why are humans superior?
>Because we are members of the dominant species?  If so, is the life of
>a member of one race worth more, as they are the dominant race?  Just a
>little over a century ago the law held that white people were superior.

This is insane.  Why are people responding to this drivel?  This is straight
up "animal rights" propaganda, direct from the same people who are sponsoring
the destruction of research labs and the ruin of researcher's careers. This
so called debate has no context or meaning outside of the political 
objectives of the believers of this bizarre philosophy.  "Rights" are 
something given by people to other people.  Where the hell did
the question come from: "why are humans superior?"?  For the sake of asking 
such idiotic questions you would support the destruction of someone else's 
work?  Wake up damn it!  The topic of "animal rights" is not a theoretical 
excercise in counting angels on pin heads.  These people are for real and 
they hold real polictical power.


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