Gopher access to vertebrates

Robert Guralnick robg at fossil.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Jul 9 22:23:00 EST 1993


The second item is the new vertebrate type specimen catalog.  This 
catalog lists all U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology's vertebrate
types.  The catalog has been indexed with WAIS and will allow boolean 
and partial searches (Don Gilberts IUBIO mod's).  The catalog is 
current.  The Museum has built in many error checking mechanisms into
its collections management system so the catalog should be very accurate.
However, we expect some errors.  If you find any, please let us know.
The catalog is available from the U.C. Museum of Paleontology Gopher, 
located at  The catalog contains taxonomic 
information (including class, order, family, genus and species information
as well as identifier and year id'd), locality information (including state,
county, country and time the specimen was found), and citation information 
(including citations and remarks).  

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