Duplex Answer

David Leader : Glasgow University Biochemistry : UK GBCA26 at VMS3.GLA.AC.UK
Sun Jul 11 07:25:00 EST 1993

Many thanks to the netters who responded to my question on the first usage 
of the term "DNA duplex". I think the following conclusions can be drawn:

1.	That our subject is old enough now for our technical vocabulary to 
be in mainstream dictionaries.
2.	That the OED on CD-ROM must be great to have if you have 500 pounds 
or so spare.
3.	That the accuracy of the dictionary in dating the first usage of 
terms depends on how exauhstive the searching was.
4.	And that we don't know the answer to my question, but it was 1960 
at the latest (Martin Mulligan's reply), not the later dates given by the 

Now, back to the future,

David Leader

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