Animal Rights( Re: A few comments to the Devils Advocat

Jim Wellehan James.F.X.Wellehan at
Mon Jul 12 20:03:15 EST 1993

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> > > Now on to the question above. I would answer no based on evidence
> > > from recent human history. The ranking of human beings into groups
> > > with differing legal statuses has lead to some very horrible things.
> > (examples deleted)
> > > Thus giving humans differing legal statuses based on inherent traits
> > > can be a very dagerous president.
> >
> > Agreed.  If not an inherent trait, why should species have different
> > legal statuses, then?
> They should have differing statuses because legality is a human
> construct designed for and by humans. Cows can't debate legality and
> are thus unable to take part in any meaningful debate on law within a
> human society. No non human organism has shown either the ability or
> the potential to develope such an ability. Most retarded humans have
> the potential to develope this ability on a low level.

You said _most_ retarded humans.  What about the rest?


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