irrational homocentricity

Jim Wellehan James.F.X.Wellehan at
Fri Jul 16 13:39:35 EST 1993

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aroger at writes:

> What is also clear is that no plant has even a rudimentary nervous system
> to feel "pain" of the sort we wish to avoid (it would be a scary cosmic
> coincidence if both animals and plants arrived at the phenomena of pain
> independently using a completely different system).  So for all of the
> vegetarians out there who think that plants are the next necessary inclusion
> into our moral decisions.....YOU ARE BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE!

You're being anthrocentric here.  Just because one of our physiological
responses to damage (pain) is sensed through our nervous system doesn't
necessarily invalidate other physiological responses to damage.   Why
is damaging one biochemical package for DNA (all we really are) more
acceptable than damaging another?


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