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Stephen Gisselbrecht gisselbr at
Fri Jul 16 19:16:18 EST 1993

	Hello.  I am writing to ask you to please refrain from using
NetNews for advertising.  It is a basic element of netiquette that
advertisement of for-profit services is *forbidden* by the people who own
the computers that carry this net.  It is rude.
	"But wait!" you say.  "I'm not trying to hurt anyone, and I'm not
motivated [primarily] by my own interests.  This is a very important
(product, service, proprietary procedure, etc.) of great interest to the
scientists that read this newsgroup, and I'm doing you all a service by
telling you about it."
	The problem with this is that, when I look up from the computer, I
see a shelf five feet wide, literally sagging under the weight of all the
catalogs that our lab has.  Each and every one is from a company that
markets its products and services specifically to scientists, and each and
every company comes out with several new products every year.  For some of
the larger ones, it's hundreds of new products a year.  And there are
thousands of smaller companies whose catalogues we don't have.  All of
them would like to advertise for free, I'm sure, but if all of them chose
to do it on the USENET, we would be absolutely unable to carry on a
scientific discussion, as every tidbit of conversation would be buried in
a steaming mound of advertising.
	Thank you for your consideration.

					steve gisselbrecht
					cell & dev. bio.
					harvard medical school

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