Biosensor projects referees needed - Call for Proposals

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Sun Jul 18 03:04:46 EST 1993

                              CALL FOR PROPOSALS
    A group of Israeli companies are in a process of assessing potential
    generic technologies in the field of BIOSENSORS to be used in the future
    in different commercial applications.

    MATIMOP (the Israeli Industry Center for Research & Development), as a
    public non profit organization acts on behalf of the above mentioned
    group as a main contractor, to acomplish this study.

    MATIMOP's speciallization is in providing industry with feasibility
    studies covering scientific and technical information as well as
    commercial and marketing analysis.

    We in MATIMOP are looking for experts in the field of BIOSENSOR
    technologies with a wide overview and experience who are able to act as
    our consultants and reviewers on this issue.

    Most of the work should take place outside Israel, including some
    interviews with leading research teams active in the BIOSENSORS field.

    Candidates should be able to examine and assess both: raw data provided
    by us (mostly via the INTERNET network), as well as results and
    achievments of researchers to be reviewed.

    PART A: Technology Survey

    1. State of the art in biosensor technology, including (but not limited
       to) biocatalytic (e.g. enzyme electrodes) and bio-affinity (e.g.
       antibody based) sensors.

       Survey will discuss the biological, transducer and interface elements
       of biosensors, for both in vivo and ex vivo applications.

       All possible application should be included with special stress on
       infectious diseases, tissue and cell typing, environment.

       Research should include both published and unpublished data and
       should expand on "Sensor Technology Sourcebook" and "Advances in
       Environmental Sensors and Monitoring" published by Technical
       Insights, Inc. (1992) and "Clinica's Biosensor Report" published by
       PJB Publications Ltd (1992).

       Part of the survey will list all companies, research groups and
       individuals active in the field.

    2. State of the art in biosensor and biosensor related worldwide
       patents. Identification of technological trends, blocking patents and
       licensing opportunities.

    3. Developmental status of the items listed in Part 1 and 2 above, i.e.
       estimation of time to prototype, time to market, potential for

    4. Hybrid manufacturing technology in biosensor development and
       commercialization, including:

       a. Thin film deposition techniques
       b. Ceramic materials
       c. Silk screen printing
       d. FETs

    The final feasibilty study should be acomplished by us not later than
    the end of November 1993.

    We will appreciate getting your proposal within next week including:

    1. Resume
    2. List of publications
    3. Former experience with industry
    4. Estimated time and cost for the assessment of an avarage scientific
          4.1. when information is provided by us for your assessment only
          4.2. when information is to be reached by interviewing a reaeach

            Jacob Bar

            Data Gathering & Analysis Dep.
            MATIMOP - Israeli Industry Center for Research & Development
            Internet: jbari at
            MCI:      427-1547

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